Welcome to the website of Kliché!

We are rebranding!! Find our new site on http://www.svkliche.nl !! See you soon!!

What is Kliché?

  • Kliché is the study association for the courses: Literature & Society, Communication and Information sciences, MKDA. ✨
  • Kliché is a pretty small but cozy (gezellig haha) association that wants to bring people together and organize fun events that will suit everybody’s preferences. 🌈

What are the pro’s of joining Kliché? 

  • By joining Kliché you get the opportunity to attent our joint activities, study related, non-study related and even a study trip! To learn more about our Activities click here.
  • A 10% discount on study books!
  • But above all: A fun and social environment for everybody 💕